Responsive and Agile – not what you expect from an insurance operation.

  • Decisions can be reached quickly.   Single point of contact for each program with swift access to senior leadership.
  • Average 24-hour response time to referrals.
  • ISO filings and systems can be out boarded to program administrators, which speeds the time to market for new programs.
  • Because we focus exclusively on programs business, we are not competing with other priorities that might delay the product development process for our program administrators.
  • We can integrate with your existing systems or you can take advantage of ours.  From an I.T. perspective, we are “system neutral” and will not force our technology upon our program administrators.


Accelerated Due Diligence – we work quickly to minimize the time it takes to generate revenue

  • Our program evaluation process routinely takes 60 days or less.
  • The average time from receipt of a complete program submission to our proposal of terms is 75 days.
  • Our average time from contract signing to generating bound business is 51 days.